Clean Room Architecture

From small refurbishments to adapt existing facilities to regulatory changes and production requirements, to new construction of plants and production areas.

The experience and know-how acquired throughout our journey has allowed us to develop a specific construction concept for clean rooms, with a wide range of solutions, products and materials.

A complete, modular and self-supporting clean room enclosure system.

Great flexibility to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each installation.

Fast execution and easy modification for future transformations.

Complete integration of the rest of the facilities.

Certified and tested materials of the highest quality, non-porous, nor particle generators and resistant to chemical agents and disinfection products.

Continuous and smooth finishes to avoid dust accumulation and allow easy and thorough cleaning.

Components that make up the set

Salas Blancas - paneles 2 - Montajes Delsaz


Sandwich panels for the erection of walls.

  • Variable thicknessess.
  • Finishes in phenolic resin (HPL), lacquered steel sheet, PET sheet, stainless steel.
  • Interior insulation of polystyrene, PIR, polyurethane, rockwool.
Salas Blancas - techos 2 - Montajes Delsaz


Roofs in sheet sandwich panels.

  • Watertight.
  • Continuous or suspended.
  • With the possibility of access for maintenance.
Salas Blancas - puertas - Montajes Delsaz


Hygienic finish and special design for use in clean areas.

  • Swing, sliding, roller.
  • All kinds of accessories: peepholes, interlocking systems, sealing gaskets…
Salas Blancas - ventanas - Montajes Delsaz


Large glass surfaces to allow for visual communication.

  • Watertight.
  • Flush with the wall.
  • Large sizes.
Salas Blancas - suelos 2 - Montajes Delsaz


  • Continuous.
  • Antistatic.
  • High physical and chemical resistance.
  • High degree of cleaning and disinfection.
Salas Blancas - perfileria 2 - Montajes Delsaz


Curved sanitary frames in all wall joints to achieve rounded finishes.

  • Anodized or lacquered aluminium, PVC.
  • Special corner pieces to avoid difficult spots hard to clean.
  • Frames for raised floors.