Modular Solutions

The concept is based on the use of standard prefabricated units that can be assembled together as needed, resulting in fully functional and autonomous portable installations.

This solution allows great flexibility in the creation of spaces from small laboratories composed of a single module to complex configurations, depending on the final layout required and involves optimization, execution times and costs.

Its external finish allows for outdoor use and provides for thermal and acoustic insulation that guarantees the established interior conditions.

The interior finish, as well as the facilities that will serve it, is determined by the use, regulations and specific needs of the installation.

By means of specifically developed solutions, an airtight and watertight connection between the different modules on the outside and inside is ensured.


Designed, built and equipped internally for clean room applications and therefore with the same finishes / requirements of any area classified at the level of clean room enclosures and other necessary facilities (HVAC, electricity, critical fluids, other services).

Its main uses can be: Biopharmaceutical laboratories for production and research, Laboratories for pharmaceutical products of high activity, Pilot plants, Analysis and calibration laboratory, Animal facilities and stables, Hospital pharmacy offices, Isolation facilities for infectious agents, Gene therapy rooms, hospital toxicology, Field hospitals.

Modulo bioseguridad


The use of these modular solutions for the placement of biological safety laboratories is especially favourable for their autonomy, isolation and the possibility of independence from the rest of the facilities.

They are designed, built and equipped both in the interior design, facilities and equipment as any bio-containment area for the prevention of the risks derived from handling and exposure to biological agents.

Biological safety laboratories Levels 2,3 and 4.

Modulo TSR


Maximum security modular rooms built in both ISO containers and portable structures, used for the interior housing of any type of equipment that needs protection against external agents such as fire, floods, dirt, gases and electromagnetic fields.

The rest of the installations (air conditioning, electrical, mechanical, PCI) are designed in accordance to the final use of the TSR and its needs and requirements.

Main uses: Protection of IT equipment – DC (Data Center) – media library – Documentation – Other high value equipment

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