Montajes Delsaz’s work began in 1993, in the pharmaceutical sector, in response to the need for controlled environments for productive processes, free of contamination.

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Its services are extending to other sectors and today, with the experience acquired over the years, the company has established itself as a touchstone in Clean Room Technology.

As a company, its growth has been remarkable and it currently has more than 5,000 m2 of its own facilities with production centres and warehouses.

In 2017, the Net-Pharma project, the first pharmaceutical hub in Spain, was launched with great success.



At Montajes Delsaz, we have more than 150 professionals working every day to add value to the company and optimize the services we offer.

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With multidisciplinary profiles and a large staff with specialized skills, we have the capacity and experience to cover projects of all kinds and scale.

In addition, our continual training process allows us to adapt to the changing demands of the market at a technical and regulatory level. Our goal is to achieve excellence and the highest attention to detail in our work. The growth and development of our clients is the motivating factor for our staff.

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At Montajes Delsaz we have offices in Madrid and Barcelona, where our production centres and warehouses are located, and we have an ongoing presence in other Spanish cities, where we continue to serve our customers.

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Although our focus is primarily the national market, our experience of more than 15 years working on projects abroad, allows us to offer international coverage to clients in more than 30 countries, where we are backed by a large number of successful projects and facilities.

This expansion is due to our core values such as service, quality and reliability.