We adjust to your needs and requirements. As experts in the installation of clean rooms, we know that each sector implies different and customized needs. Thanks to years of experience, in Montajes Delsaz we know the peculiarities of our customers and the sectors where they work. If you are planning to install a clean room in your business, discover all the sectors in which we operate and ask for your personalized quotation, we are waiting for you!


Biopharmaceutical Sector

The biopharmaceutical sector is one of the most important areas of focus for Montajes Delsaz.
We build clean rooms for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, biotechnological, sanitary product industries, etc., which are designed for the manufacture of a large variety of products::

- Areas for manufacturing solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical and veterinary non-sterile products.
- Areas for manufacturing sterile products: injectables, lyophilized, BFS’s.
- Containment areas for manufacturing high potency products: hormonal, oncological, antibiotics.
- Clean rooms for the manufacture of biological and biotechnological products.
- Pilot plants.
- Areas for manufacturing API’s, intermediate products.
- Sanitary products: dressings, implants.

salas blancas cosmetica

Natural Cosmetics And Natural Medicines Sector

We work for the cosmetic and natural medicine sector, implementing the regulatory changes in their manufacturing plants required by the Regulations with regards to design, quality, construction and facilities.

We design and build clean rooms, according to GMP regulations, for the manufacturing of products in their different forms:

- Nutritional supplements in different forms: tablets, capsules, soft gelatin, sachets, powdered products.
- Cosmetic products: Liquids, creams, emulsions.
- Gels and soaps.
- Oils and essences.
- Injectables


Food Sector

We design and build clean rooms for all aspects of the food industry: meat, fish, dairy, oils, grain, pasta etc.

The objective is to achieve quality facilities, which are more productive, efficient and safe.

This guarantees the quality, properties and shelf life of food.

Manufacturing, processing, packaging, fermentation areas, as well as refrigeration and freezing chambers for different products:

- Meat: Preparation and packaging of fresh, cooked and cured meat products. Sliced and processed lines.
- Dairy products: Preparation and processing of milks and dairy products: yogurts, butters, powdered milks, cheeses.
- Preparation, packaging and frozen pre-cooked products.
- Bakery and pastry: bread, pastries, cereals, frozen cakes, pastry .
- Drinks: Water bottling lines, juices.


R&D Sector

We work in laboratories and clean rooms for R&D within sectors as diverse as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary, nanotechnology, research centers, universities, etc.

- Pharmaceutical research laboratories and pilot plants for the development of new pharmaceutical products.
- Biotechnology laboratories for research and development of biotechnological processes.
- Biomedical laboratories of biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology for research of new molecules and galenics.
- Animals for experimentation and research with live animals, SPF, transgenic animals, following all biosecurity and containment measures.
- Laboratories of quality control.
- Nanotechnology laboratories with applications in: biotechnology, medicine (creation of nano-transporters of drugs, molecular biosensors, nanobots), energy (nanomaterials for the manufacture of panels and solar panels), power (nanosensors and nanochips), electronics (creation of semiconductors, nanowires , graphene-based circuits, carbon nanotubes).


Biosafety Sector

We have extensive experience in the execution of Biosafety areas, in which the facility itself is a determining factor as a barrier to guarantee the containment of biological risk.

Under a detailed preliminary study of the user's needs and knowledge of the regulatory requirements, we carry out installations in which an exhaustive design proportional to the risk and a perfect execution are key to guarantee the safety of the users, the rest of the group and the environment ambient.

We perform the complete installation of:

- Laboratories with a biological containment level 1,2,3 and 4 for research with pathogens, hormones, bio-polluting residues.
- Laboratories for large-scale production of vaccines or pathogenic biological products classes 2, 3 and 4


Technological Sector

We carry out clean room projects for industrial sectors dedicated to high technology, where the most restrictive regulatory requirements and a constant change and adaptation of facilities for the search and development of new products are accommodated.

Thus, we offer solutions for industries such as microelectronics, photovoltaic, micromechanics, optics, nuclear, precision mechanics, glass industry, etc., with many years of experience.


Hospital Sector

We have extensive experience in hospital critical facilities both in the design and knowledge of the Application Regulations and in its construction at the architectural and facilities level.

- High tech operating rooms and special surgery with laminar flow systems.
- Conventional operating rooms and minor surgery.
- Pre and post-operative rooms and exploration areas.
- Intensive care areas.
- Hospital pharmacy facilities: pharmacotherapy area and sterile zone for cytostatic preparation, parenteral solutions.
- Nuclear medicine facilities for radiopharmaceuticals.
- Special care rooms in sterile conditions for burned and immunocompromised, premature.
- Containment rooms for gene therapy and infectious.
- Sterilization stations.
- Cell culture laboratories.
- Rooms for In vitro fertilization.


Automotive /Aeronautical Sector

Montajes Delsaz is present in sectors such as aeronautics and automotives and participates in the construction of clean rooms for production, assembly and certain applications with controlled environmental needs and requirements within specific parameters.

In the automotive sector, we work for the main car manufacturers building paint lines, booths for the application of other products, inspection and final test facilities, assemblies, etc.

For the aeronautical / aerospace sector we build clean rooms for the manufacture and assembly of components, structure construction, development of systems and prototypes for space applications, aircraft and antennas for telecommunications satellites.