Clean Room Equipment

We offer:

  • Innovative solutions based on understanding the needs and issues of each facility.
  • Custom designs tailored to our customers.

Our production centre is managed by a team of specialised professionals and we have specific machinery, tools and resources for the manufacture of different materials: aluminium, stainless steel, phenolic resin (HPL).

Phenolic Resin Furniture

We have our own furniture for clean rooms and changing rooms in phenolic compact (HPL).

  • Custom designs that seek maximum functionality and aesthetics.
  • Premium materials with high resistance to intensive daily use, impact, humidity and chemicals…
  • Wide variety of options and accessories.
  • Specialised assembly for complete adaptation and integration in the architecture of the rooms.


– Lockers, pigeonholes and cabinets.
– Shoe storage bench.
– Toilet cubicles.
– Countertops.
– Custom furniture.

Auxiliary Equipment

We design and build specific auxiliary equipment for clean rooms according to ISO 14644-4 and EU GMP.

  • Unidirectional valves: Custom-designed and built in sandwich panels and air diffusion system.
  • SAS Pass-through: For the safe transfer of small materials or passage of trolleys between rooms of different classifications. Built in stainless steel.
  • Dynamic SAS: Aeration systems using ultra-filtered air and control systems tailored to the user.
  • RAB’s: To separate and ensure maximum protection and air quality in laminar flows. Custom made in stainless steel and polycarbonate. With doors or gloves according to needs.

Equipamento Auxiliar

Diseñamos y construimos equipamiento auxiliar específico para salas limpias de acuerdo a ISO 14644-4 y EU GMP.

  • Flujos unidireccionales: Diseñados y construidos a medida en panel sándwich y sistema de difusión de aire por velo.
  • SAS Pass-through: Para la transferencia segura de pequeños materiales o paso de carros entre salas de distinta clasificación. Construidos en acero inoxidable.
  • SAS dinámicos: Con sistema de aireación mediante aire ultra filtrado y sistema de control a medida del usuario.
  • RAB’s: Para separar y asegurar la máxima protección y calidad de aire en flujos laminares. Fabricados a medida en acero inoxidable y policarbonato.Con puertas o guantes según necesidades.

Stainless Steel Furniture And Accessories

We manufacture custom stainless steel furniture and accessories for any application in clean rooms.

  • Designs studied: straight lines, rounded edges, absence of flanges and recesses.
  • Selection of top-quality materials: AISI 304 stainless steel with a smooth, polished finish.
  • Careful manufacturing with high precision equipment and machinery.


– Furniture for classified areas.
– Furniture for changing rooms.
– Accesories.