This week, Montajes Delsaz opens its new office in Madrid, located in Parque Empresarial Valdelacasa in Alcobendas.


With more than 27 years of experience in the clean room sector, the company has experienced an exponential growth since its creation, and now has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Portugal, with more than 150 employees.


This opening allows Montajes Delsaz to have the warehouse and the production area centralized in the same location, where everything related to the manufacture of resin and aluminum furniture will be carried out. Undoubtedly, a totally privileged and strategic location, with the best communications (M-30, M-40), 10 minutes away from Madrid and very close to the airport.


This production centre is fully equipped to take a step forward in the construction and assembly of functional modular transportable rooms for specific applications in biosecurity, biocontainment, hospital sector, energy, DPC’s, etc.


A great advance and an indicator that Montajes Delsaz is at the cutting edge of technology to be able to attend to the demands and needs of its most demanding clients.



In its more than 6.000 square meters distributed in 4 floors, besides its production center and offices, it has a showroom area in which its most innovative products and equipment will be exhibited, a leisure room for its employees, a spacious fully equipped dining room, office room and areas for internal, commercial and training meetings.



In this office, where the avant-garde is brought together and the creation of open and versatile workspaces is sought, coworking is encouraged and the productivity of its employees is contributed to and boosted.



Additionally, the building has recreational and rest areas where employees can optimize their time off. Without a doubt, the company has opted for a building with open and flexible areas, inspiring and above all, efficient.