The spread of bacteria and viruses in indoor environments is a current concern. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is possible for airborne transmission of Coronaviruses released through sneezing, coughing or talking. This means that air quality is vitally important in order to protect the safety of people in enclosed spaces.


Montajes Delsaz in collaboration with Camfil, a world leading company in clean air solutions with more than 50 years of experience, offers the City range of air purifiers as an advanced air filtration solution to reduce pollutants in indoor environments and protect the health of your employees. Helping you to reduce exposure to harmful pathogens such as COVID-19.


The City air purifiers are designed for all types of applications and are suitable for any indoor space where high quality air purification is required such as in hospitals, offices, homes, public buildings, schools, etc. These purifiers have the most efficient HEPA filter on the market, while are a complement to the existing ventilation system and facilitates energy savings. Being this the result of a more efficient production and a healthier environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles. In just a few hours, air pollutants will be reduced by more than 90%, acting on an area of up to 75 m2.


They are efficient, quiet and, above all, environmentally friendly. There are a variety of sizes and are easy to install on the floor. In addition, they have a warning for the change of filter. You only have to worry about plugging in and using.


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